The Chichester Cathedral Restoration & Development Trust was founded in 1980 and since then over £11 million has been raised and spent on the Chichester Cathedral restoration programme. The work is funded entirely by voluntary donations from individuals, trusts and legacies, and typically receives no grants from the government. In simple terms, we now need to raise over £1,000 a day, every day, to maintain this beautiful building.

Chichester Cathedral Restoration
Chichester Cathedral Restoration


Past work by the Dean and Chapter has ensured the completion of the restoration of the interior and exterior of the Cathedral, the final piece of work being the beautiful Lady Chapel.  The detailed work on the Lady Chapel included the coloured vaulting and the restoration of part of the original Lambert Barnard painted ceiling. The cost of this final phase was £1.1m.

The Eastern Arm of the Cloisters has undergone major works including new lighting and heating.  This area is now totally enclosed and is being used by visiting school parties and as a gallery and exhibition area.   At a cost of £575,000 this project was primarily funded by a donation from the FG Woodger Trust and a contribution from The Garfield Weston Foundation.

The priceless, and nationally significant Tudor paintings, by local artist Lambert Barnard, in the North and South Transepts have been restored and stabilised at cost of £250,000 CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

All this is only possible as a result of high standards of craftsmanship, skill and careful financial control.


In the last couple of years Dean & Chapter have been able to complete a number of essential Trust funded projects:

  • Replacement of the roofs on the North West Tower and the Muniment Room (just off the South Transept).  We are grateful to the DCMS for the grants awarded towards the costs of these projects from the First World War Centenary Cathedral Repair Fund.
  • Replacement of aging and oversized electrical power supply equipment
  • Replacement of, and essential safety improvements to, the access ladders and platforms inside the Spire
  • Restoration of The Deanery and the Vicars' Hall within the Cathedral precinct (joint funded projects by the Cathedral and the Trust)

However, the work does not stop there.

Cathedral Restoration in Progress
Cathedral Restoration in Progress


Our attention has now turned to the restoration of the Western Arm of the Cloisters.  The external masonry is in a particularly poor condition, with the monuments contained within and elements of the roof requiring urgent attention.  This work is estimated in the region of £300,000 pounds.

The high roofs of the Cathedral are increasingly becoming of concern,  The copper covering was installed just after World War Two, and after over 65 years of facing the elements, particularly the rather gusty prevailing south-westerly wind it is coming to the end of its working life.  We are about to undertake a comprehensive survey of the high roofs to assess their conditions and to inform the timing and likely costs of any restoration work.  Costs that are anticipated to run into the many millions of pounds.

The Dean and Chapter also face the challenge of the Bell Tower.  In the last ten years emergency work has been undertaken at a cost of £30,000, for which we are grateful to the Monument Trust for their help.  This included the installation of avalanche netting around the exterior to remove the risk of falling masonry as the external surfaces slowly deteriorate.  The restoration of this unique building, being the only freestanding medieval Cathedral bell tower in the country, presents significant financial and operational challenges, as we continue to identify opportunities to bring this unusual building back into use for the benefit of the Cathedral and Chichester community as a whole. Again, costs for the restoration of this imposing building are expected to be in the many millions.

These demanding projects will ensure Chichester Cathedral Restoration & Development Trust's work remains vital for the Cathedral's future.

The Cathedral does not typically receive any government funding and we do not charge an entry fee for visitors. It is partly down to the fundraising efforts of the Trust that the free entry policy can be maintained, however, this does mean we need to raise over £1,000 a day to maintain the building.



A copy of our accounts is simple to view, click on the appropriate button below to take you to the Charity Commission website.

Please note that in 2015 we registered the Trust as a CIO with the Charity Commission, which has resulted in a new charity registration number.  For accounting purposes our original registration (280328) remains, but our new operational registration number is 1156729.

For financial years up to, and including, 2014/2015 please use the old number and for 2015/2016 onwards please use the new one.

Up to FY14/15 (registration no. 280328)
FY15/16 onwards (registration no. 1156729)


The Trustees have always considered it prudent to retain sufficient funds to cover the following year's restoration work.  However, in these more difficult times, the Trustees have decided that, subject to detailed fundraising and expenditure forecasts, £125,000 should be retained in short term investments and cash reserves at any one time.

  Restoration of the Lady Chapel
Restoration of the Lady Chapel


The Chichester Cathedral Restoration & Development Trust would achieve very little without the large number of volunteers who help us, many of whom travel considerable distances to take part in our fundraising events and other activities.

Typical is the support we get for events such as the Charity Auction, Gala concerts and the exciting Festival of Flowers - during which 300 volunteers will be helping at any given moment. 

We are immensely grateful to all those who give so generously of their time and would urge anyone who would like to help to contact us.

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