Chichester Tudor Paintings (continued)

The Hamilton Kerr Institute

The Hamilton Kerr Institute (our chosen and contracted conservators) have now completed the on-site work on paintings.  Here they are using modern techniques to have a closer look at the paintings and also to take paint samples  to provide us with further information.


Tudor Paintings
Tudor Paintings

This is the image of the monkey on the Tudor paintings.

It is widely believed to be one of the few areas of the paintings that is completely Lambert Barnard's work, untouched by future restoration.

Such is the fine skills of Lambert Barnard that you can see the reflections of the glass window (now stained glass but in that time, plain glass) in his eyes.

It does also show, however, that is unlikely that Lambert Barnard had ever seen a monkey as his ears are in the wrong place, pointing upwards and he has distinctly feline eyes!  Beautiful nevertheless.

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